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Instalation of Cold Room Doors

For the installation of the Insulated Cold Room Doors in Unifrigo we have a team of experienced workers that are on it for decades now.
We pay special attention on closing operations during the installation process, and above all on the door function. Namely the support must be stable, durable, long lasting, and on the other hand the opening action should be easy and uninterrupted.

Panel Mount and Dismount

Numerous reference projects that we already have build are a testimony of the speed, precise and quality work of our field teams.

Cooling Equipment Instalation

Our field teams pay special attention during the Cooling Equipment Mount.
We are taking into account the location of the external unit, so we can avoid and reduce the: noise, heat that\'s being produced by, and to avoid some other issues like the ones regarding the transportation and communication by and around the external units.
The Evaporators are mounted inside the cold rooms on the spot where they can maintain optimal and uninterrupted execution of their function.

Installation of Accessories

Unifrigo also makes installation of the folowing:
- bumpers,
- U-mouldings,
- Sanitary mouldings,
- T-profiles for ceiling,
- Sequencers,
- Corner elements,
- Support elements,
- Trays,
- Grills,
- etc.

Instalation of Shelves

The shelves we have are mainly used by the food industry, but also they are used in professional kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, and in hospitals and drug stores and warehouses.
When designing and mounting them we take care that all the awailable space is used.
The shelves are modular and self-standing, they are not connected neither to the wall nor to the floor of the room. The same are designed and prepared in our factory, so the installation could be done fast and easy.
All the shelve\'s parts are from nontoxic materials, and the parts that are most prone to mechanical damage are easily replaced with identical ones.